Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nars Gaeity Blush Review & Swatches

Hi ladies!

For my first blog post, I must review the Nars Gaeity blush. I have no matte pink blush,and no true pink blushes that screams "So pink!! I don't want to put that on my cheek!"And blush is my most essential beauty products. I don't mind having just two mascara,but blush I need to have more than two. I do not own any MAC blush because I get break outs with most MAC products so I tend to not buy MAC.

I assume when the cheeks looks fresh and subtly tinted with pinkiness or peachiness,one can look instantly healthy and glowing. I have always noticed that on YouTube,whenever someone applies blush on their cheek,their face turns even more prettier and they suddenly feels a lot more pretty and confident too and it shows in the way they smile and their eyes just gleams.

Gaiety is described as bright,candy pink in the Nars website. It appear to be so soft,a blue cool toned blush,almost lavender pink and very delicately pretty if that's make sense. I am terrible at describing colors , I will try my best but I believe everybody need at least one pink blush as a staple in their makeup stash.
Though it looks very strikingly pink in the pan,it doesn't translate so when applied because it comes off a bit sheer but the good kind of sheer. It is matte,when applied,it transforms into a satin,smooth finish. Easy to blend too and it the perfect blush to re-create a geisha or Barbie type of look. Very girly indeed.

Natural Light

Such a beautiful sweet pink.

Color ; Bright candy pink,soft,cool toned almost lavender-ish pink.
Pigmentation : Very pigmented,sheer to buildable application.
Finish : Matte,with a subtle satin finish.
Wearability : 6 to 7 hours
Price : $28 / RM95 (bought from HERE) OR go toNars store in Pavillion,KL.
Who will love it : Pink blush enthusiast.
Everyone can wear it, quite a universal blush it will show up on every skin tones.
Who will not like it : Pink blush haters.

Do check for ingredients before purchasing any makeup products to avoid skin irritation.

Thanks for reading pink cheeks!


  1. Hi there. I paid actual price from the website + 3usd tax + shipping 12usd (many items) so the price if divided by all items that i bought would be like + 2usd shipping for a single product. Singapore already selling nars, so mybe you can try ask someone there to buy nars for u ;)

  2. I see. I have checked Nars pricing in Singapore and it was over priced :( But will still find a reputable seller that can give me good pricing though. Thanks for being kind enough to reply back. Look forward to seeing your next haul. :)


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