Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tarte Blush Review & Swatches

I am a blush addict. It stated so on my blog description. I am obsessed with blushes, have a huge problem of collecting them and I don't want to fix that problem. Because I am a blush lover and collector. Although my blush collection is not massive,but it is growing and I try to limit myself to only buying the colors that I don't have but that only happens sometime. I still accidentally bought the same colors and I don't really fancy that.

One of my favorite blush brand is Tarte. I love Tarte blush packaging it is so adorable I really want to squeeze them and look at them all the time. But I have other beneficial things to do so I don't. If not, then I would. Err.. I have a problem okay. I'm sure most of us are guilty of that too isn't it.

Maureen Kelly, the CEO and founder of Tarte Cosmetics, was a believer in beauty is not about adding chemicals in cosmetics. Her cosmetics line is cruelty free, infused with essential oils, minerals and vitamins, and pack with fruits and plant extracts. She formulated them without parabenstriclosanlauryl sulfate and other chemical ingredients which are commonly used in most cosmetics brand today. I totally fell in love with Tarte when I found out that it is cruelty free. I do not support any sort of animal testing  and completely is against them. I will always try to buy cruelty free makeup but it is so hard to come by without sacrificing quality. Some of them are cruelty free, and some don't, but you love the makeup, so what do you do? Always try to look away and think about the animals that are tested in the making of that beauty product.

My first Tarte purchase is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush. That is a long name for a blush, and it is an amazing blush. I think its the only blush that stays on my combination skin for as long as I can remember, its still there past 12 hour! I get about 7 to 8 hours with my Nars blushes and Tarte beat that! I am talking about morning makeup and you have to wear the makeup until 10 or 11 pm or so.

What attracted me to Tarte blush is mainly due to the use of Amazonian clay in their products. How cool and uber natural is that? The clay helps to benefit all skin types, minimizes oil around pores, keeps the product in place and also it hydrates the skin. When I wore it, I noticed that it doesn't fade away even after all the oils surfacing on my skin, and it does feels hydrating. It claims to reduce dry and flaky skin. I can't write a fact on that because my skin is not dry or flaky.

I bought it when the prices are not as expensive as today. When Tarte arrived at our Malaysian Sephora, I was quite surprised to see the blushes was priced at RM120. This is of course tax and shipment fee included. I bought it online for RM85. Plus the shipping, more or less it will be around RM120, but if you subscribe to Tarte newsletters, sometimes they do offer free shipping on selected items or all items. At times they do discounts too. Well there you go, if you're not willing to wait, you can splurge on them at Sephora. Or you can shop online at Tarte or Sephora.

I own only 6 of them at the moment. Read; at the moment.
And yes I want more. No I don't need help.

Clockwise from top; Tipsy, Blissful, Adored, Glisten, Exposed, and
the baby Dollface that I got in a set with a bronzer.

My most used blush is Blissful, Dollface and Exposed. I love Blissful and Dollface
so much that the print on them is fading now. Love the Amazon river design on these blushes!

From left to right;

Tipsy is a matte true coral. If you like corals, this is the one for you. Amazing pigmentation and blends effortlessly. But be light handed with all Tarte blushes, they are intense!

Adored is a bright pink with silver shimmers in it. In the picture it looks matte because the shimmers fell of when I swatched it. The packaging has some glitters on it, indicating that it is a shimmer blush.

Blissful is a matte warm peach, when I wear it gives the most perfect flush to my face. I don't know why other coral blushes don't give me that kind of glow, but Blissful does! I think a lot of you will love it, Jaclyn Hill does!

Glisten is a peachy pink with golden shimmers. It is the cousin to Nars Orgasm but Orgasm is more pink and Glisten is more warm peach. If you love peachy pink,this ones for you. If you already own a peachy pink blush, you will not need to buy it. You don't need a highlighter too because of the stunning golden shimmers in it.

Exposed is nude pink neutral blush. It is a 'brownie' pinkish nude blush that is perfect on lazy days makeup, or to complement your smokey eyes look. Its the blush I reach for when I don't know what blush to wear. This a popular shade too. Dupable to Nars Douceur.

Dollface is matte light pink, probably a dupe to Mac Well Dressed. It gives the perfect pink flush to your face. A perfect everyday blush. And amazing on light to medium skin tone. I love this blush, this is my favorite pink blush.

Swatches in natural light.

I definitely recommend these beauties for those who want to splurge a bit. It will lasts you a long time due to the intensity of the pigmentation and trust me when I say, these are one of the most amazing blushes I have ever tried. Sorry Nars! And why not take a break from all the hype of Mac blushes?

Priced at $26 online or RM120 at Sephora Malaysia.

Have you tried Tarte blushes? What is your favorite shades?

We'll meet again lovelies!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I have been MIA

I have not been able to write blog posts as regularly as I would like. Due to the demanding life of motherhood and marriage, I could not find the perfect time to do any. But I still keep myself up to date with the latest of everything in the beauty world. I hope this year I would do more post of my favorite makeup products. 

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