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MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

When I first became addicted to YouTube to watch my favorite songs, I accidentally became obsessed with watching makeup tutorials, this was about 8 years ago! At that time, makeup tutorials was not as big as it is today. Among those whom I watch regularly were panacea81 and makeupgeektv and imogenfoxylocks. . I tend to watch these three ladies most of the time, I know I have always love anything beauty related, but because of the demanding life of being a student, my attention sort of diverted and I was not as fascinated to makeup as I am today. Even though now I watch other YouTube guru's, I will always will remember a few of the first beauty guru's who introduced me to the beauty world.

Anyways let's check out the product!

I fell in love with Makeup Geek eyeshadows when I saw how Jaclyn Hill uses them in her makeup tutorials. Yes,she's the one to blame for most of my makeup wish list and the list never ends! She praises those eyeshadows and how it is comparable to Mac eyeshadows, so I thought,why not try it for myself? I looked up online for swatches and reviews and they do not disappoint, Marlena (the founder of MakeupGeek) did an awesome job! And the colors are mostly right up my alley which is bronzey,warm,neutral,pinky,reddish brown, and golden-ish. The colorful colors such as yellows, blues, greens and purples are gorgeous too! I definitely would love to try some of the colorful ones soon.

The best part of these beauties is that it is crazy pigmented, meaning you only need a tiny bit and it would last you a long time! Plus its dirt cheap too, or shall I say affordable! I started to feel uneasy if I didn't have them in my stash so I immediately ordered it online. 

I carefully opened them because I know how buttery these eyeshadows are, however they arrived safe and healthy! It was boxed in a small box with lots of bubble wrap in it, even though they are fragile, the eyshadows didn't shattered or break at all. I started ordering 6 and I would get my hands on more, I must! I kept them snug and happy in my cheetah print Z-Pallete and they do belong in there!

Besides eyeshadows, they also have lipsticks and brushes, gel liners and also stunning pigments which is very popular among beauty lovers. Trust me when I say, you will not regret buying them because they are really good. I am now waiting for the day to order more from them, excited to try their brushes and pigments! Now I don't have to worry to splurge on Mac eyeshadows anymore because I can save on MakeupGeek's!

Shimma Shimma, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brûlée 

Glamorous, Preppy, Cocoa Bear

Here is Cocoa Bear, almost looks like a dupe for Mac Brown Script. It is a matte reddish brown,
with shots of maroon and orange running through it. It blends effortlessly as with all of the other eyeshadows
and it is my favorite! 

Preppy is a matte olive brown color, it is not completely green, but it is one of the most unique
olive color I have ever seen. This color looks boring in the pan but it transforms into a very 
pretty dark neutral green on the eye if that makes sense. I would definitely suggest this color
for neautral eyeshadow lovers because it is different from all the browns and beiges. 

Glamorous is a beautiful golden pinkish color with a hint of peach and shimmers in it. Its
a shimmery color and no glitter at all. Blends smoothly and the pigmentation is amazing. 

Just a wash of Glamorous on the eyelid and few strokes of mascara and I'm ready to go.

Creme Brûlée is matte light brown,probably similar in comparison to 
Soft Brown by Mac but correct me if I''m wrong. Stunning for a crease color.

Shimma Shimma is a dupe for Mac Nylon. Its a neutral beige with almost 
pink undertone shimmer color and perfect for brow highlight and brightening the inner corner. 
I am obsessed with brow highlight btw. 

Peach Smoothie is a matte light peach with warm undertone IMHO and 
is suitable for transition and crease color. Works well for a wash of color on the eyelid too. 




L-R : Shimma Shimma,Peach Smoothie,Creme Bruleè,Glamorous,Preppy,Cocoa Bear.

The swatches are true to color. Shimma Shimma just almost blend in into my skin. 
But I think they're even more prettier in person. My lighting is not co-operating today. 

Price : $5.99 for pans / $6.99 for compacts
Tell me if you have tried MakeupGeek eyeshadows and what is your favorite shade? 

We'll meet again! 


  1. Whoa, awesome review! I so wanna try Makeup Geek eyeshadows too

    1. Thank you! And you should! Its just RM20 more or less if you buy it online yourself! Some online seller marked up the price too too much,so prefer to buy them myself. ;))

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The price of one makeup geek eye shadow is around RM26 (after calculating minimum shipment cost) and I think online sellers who sells it around rm30 or even rm32 ( and that is only about 20% margin) is fair because they need to order online and deal with inconsistent exchange rate, go to the post office and send the products to you. These people have to make a living and I dont think we should judge them. Some of these online sellers are honest business people who tries their best to keep the price affordable. SOME though priced it at a ridicolous amount of RM40 per pan! ok that we don't buy from. Not ever :D

      I love my makeup geek shadows :)) and I have 21 of them (yaks!). they are my favourite alongside Inglot, Lorac Pro, Lorac Unzipped and IT Cosmetis Naturally Pretty Palette

  2. I've wanted to try makeup geek eyeshadows for the longest time and your review is giving me that extra push! I considered buying through online sellers but you're right they really do markup the prices. Btw the shades you bought are up my alley too! Thanks for sharing (:


    1. I'm glad you love them too! Do share in your blog once you bought them! My pleasure! ;) xx

    2. Yeah no good buying from those online resellers who mark up so much :D


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