Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nars Powder Foundation (Fiji)

After a terrible encounter from Mac for matching me with my acne scarring instead of my actual skin tone, ( I am an NC20-NC25 but she matched me to NC35) I remember her name..... Pretty face though. And the powder also broke me out..Lucky me I live about 20 minutes away from MAC Alamanda. I was on the hunt for a new powder foundation. Just so that I can wear something on the go, like a 5 minute makeup day. Or 10 minutes. I never have any good memories with drugstore powders, although I collect a lot of drugstore powders, they works more like a setting powder instead. Most of them being too sheer and I could not find a good one that provides enough coverage. Or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough? With my constant break outs I was really hesitant to get new powders anywhere in the world.

Being a Nars addict myself, I bought the powder foundations from Sephora. (This was before Nars opens its stores in Malaysia) It came in the mail and shattered! Thank God for Isopropyl Alcohol, I fixed it and it was fine but it became a little bit dry. I still use it to this day. I purchased a back up, (actually I just bought another one because the first one looks ugly and cracked and I don't feel like using it) Once fixed, I use it again and again and it cracked again. But. I still love it. So there,now I have two powder foundations which could last me a really long time. And I have guiltiness creeping inside of me too.


Based on my experience, I would not use this a setting powder, read: its a powder foundation anyway, I tried it as setting powder once and it was a fail. The foundation cakes up. I have yet to tried it under my eye concealer though. My mother took a tissue and rub it off my face in front of my aunties because she said it was way too much makeup! I was embarrassed! Ugh. She is always paranoid about putting on makeup because it looks fake for her. Sigh.

I love the finish though, it gives me a lovely matte finish, with primer, it fades through out the day after 6 to 7 hours, without primer 4 to 5 hours. I buffed the powder using a buffing brush instead of the white sponge that came with the powder. I just buff till I couldn't buff anymore. My shade is Light 5 Fiji. Matches light to medium skin tone with yellow undertones. Most importantly, it doesn't break me out. For 12g of products, mirror and sponge included, plus the chic yet bulky and easily dirty rubberized packaging, its a mixed feelings of a splurge and a steal. How did I find my shade? HERE. How did I know it is my shade? Through multiple research and reviews and question of course. Always do your research before buying anything online. Do I still love Mac powders? Only if it doesn't break me out though. 

I do recommend this powder foundation for the finish it gives, the staying power, and the color ranges which almost everybody could find their match. And  for those of you who likes to splurge a little bit, a Nars lover like me, or who just love trying out new powders.

What is your favorite powder foundation?

We'll meet again!

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